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  • Troubled

    All alone, in this world
    Where it's all black
    Feeling down
    Feeling so sad

    It didn't need to be
    The way that it is now
    Have the strength to keep yourself up
    Before you start to drown

    Don't let it get to you
    Don't let this pain, this bitterness
    Overcome you

    It's hard to feel and I know
    I can relate to your pain
    But to give in much further
    What is there to gain?

    Open your eyes, just this once
    See what you had missed
    No matter the pain and the sorrow
    You can never have bliss

    If you let it get to you
    If you let this pain, this bitterness
    Overcome you

    Weighed down by the mind's rubble
    An innocent soul troubled

    When there is hope beyond the struggle
    You will always remain troubled

    Time can heal if you can
    Accept the help we give
    To remain in this so-called bubble
    Is not the way to live

    Sing yourself to silence
    Or whatever else
    That helps you get through
    But your own obstinacy
    Will be your own noose

    This piece is actually a person to someone I know, just for a bit of clarification.

  • #2
    brilliant poetry with a very dark ending. great read.


    • #3
      Quite disconcerting, and takes me back to many points along the timeline of my life.
      With great joy can come great pain and sorrow, but it is never worth giving up how you felt before, to never feel it again.

      Thank you for sharing this with everyone.


      • #4
        Your poetry reaches out - to understand and empathize with another's pain. Suffering can be a challenge - whether our own or that of someone we love.


        • Bry89
          Bry89 commented
          Editing a comment
          Especially if it's someone who just won't listen or take heed to the warnings we give, much like the person I'm referring to in the piece.

        • RhymeLovingWriter
          RhymeLovingWriter commented
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          Whenever I get most frustrated about that, I'm led to remember all of the good advice I've gotten and ignored over the years. No reason to stop trying, or caring, but each of us gets to choose. The person you are writing about is fortunate to have you to care about him/her.