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  • Lost Hours

    Dead to the world
    How it's meant to be
    Then suddenly
    I lose my sleep

    What has been lost
    I want it back
    This pain, this anguish
    I want my time back

    Lifeless, restless
    It didn't need to be
    This pain, this anguish
    Save me, or just finish me

    Time is swirling and I'm falling
    Into the chasm of this confusion
    Waking up only to be lost in a bad dream
    My fatal conclusion

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    There is not much worse than waking up from a bad dream only to realize that it was true.
    I see you speak often of rather painful emotions. Just know now that another person has heard your words.


    • Bry89
      Bry89 commented
      Editing a comment
      This was actually written on the subject of insomnia in where, I've experience several bouts of it. I guess my mind just likes to play tricks on me whenever it can. Also, yes, "painful emotions". I'm better at writing that kind of stuff

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    Ditto what Dag commented. Keep the faith and keep writing it out - hopeful that brings release.