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I Regret Everything

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  • I Regret Everything

    Looking back, behind the mirror of lies
    I see a distorted figure that resembles me
    It represented a synthetic way of life
    I cannot believe that it used to be me

    All I did was pretend as someone else
    Just for a little gain only to humiliate
    Why did I ever do this to myself?
    Forget it, I'll always have this mind of hate

    I regret living like this
    I regret it all
    I regret being some sort of nobody
    And it's all my fault
    I regret just about anything
    I regret everything

    Break the glass, all its pieces to the floor
    The bloody fragments to be forgotten
    It was clear that I couldn't live the lie anymore
    And for this crime, I've already fallen

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    Captures the pathos of regret quite palpably.


    • Bry89
      Bry89 commented
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      Even when you've been living the lie for years or even decades. I totally agree.

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    Bry - Forgive your regrets and set the prisoner within free to move forward. One thing about Life, it doesn't come with a remote control. You have to get up and change the channel yourself. Definitely makes you think. Thanks for sharing. Namyh


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      Wonderful poem, Bry! But regret is harsh, reserved for harsh things. The rest you look at for what they were supposed to be and learn from. Mistakes, bad choices, unwise actions, all building blocks to make you try again and be stronger, better. This made me think of (and listen to again) the counterpoint that is the Edith Piaf song ‘Non, je ne regrette rien’ which means ‘No, I regret nothing’.
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        Well, I believe you! I feel close to these lines, and enjoyed the rhymes through out. I have to say I have some scruple with some lines, and I'll try to explain. "Why did I ever do this to myself/ Forget it, I'll always have this mind of hate" ...
        In poetry we take on perspectives so that we can understand their value, right? I feel you're cheating yourself out of genuine poetry here, it's almost an excuse!
        I would even go so far as to figure out if you really mean those lines. If you begin to understand why you do something, that love is the healing which will transform that very 'mind' which is indeed connected to your heart... and that said, I believe this was poetry from the heart, just reflecting, because I'm not sure exactly why those lines didn't work for me but trying to. Kudos Bry89!


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          Thanks all for your comments. Much appreciated


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            change is brewing I get from your poetry. remember down but not out. keep writing and expressing.