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  • -principles

    from 2012

    some of you
    washed up in the shores of my imagination
    set the strings tight
    and watch the boat sail, sail away
    bringing with it my disdain, my apathy
    this love song I'm writing
    in the caresses of my heart
    where the beast gnaws a bone
    next to a ladder that moves
    towards the top of my head,
    and i will have died
    plenty, but still not worthy
    for a heaven of inactivity:
    for everything is a sin except silence,
    so as the piped piper pipes his tune
    i go mad with him
    forgetting god and his throne
    and the dark kissed clouds
    where the moon stabs into the sky
    and obliterates my principle star.
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    Wonderful imagery in this: 'set the strings tight', the heart 'where the beast gnaws a bone', the 'dark kissed clouds' ... I'm guessing you mean 'principal' star? As in the one of prime importance? I like the dark self-drama; I can relate.


    • amenOra
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      Oh duh, that's funny I didn't catch that. Thanks for the comment, this is one I don't quite remember writing, whereas some I do; --observations.