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  • The Eygptian

    From youth my flair to tiller bound
    for I a river man.
    When we to sail the mighty Nile
    in how her spirits ran.

    Our canvas raised to morn’s esteem,
    a gallant wind to run.
    My love and I, our skills employed,
    though she the finer one.

    And she must have the kindest smile
    that I have ever seen.
    A trait of her Egyptian blood,
    perhaps some pharaoh’s queen.

    When we first met, I blushed dismayed,
    such charming company.
    For I not prone to courtesies,
    yet she did lean toward me.

    Of weaving waves of raven hair,
    of honesty, her eyes.
    A poise imbued with eastern light;
    what poet could visualize?

    From fisherfolk, her kin and skill;
    was raised to read the wind.
    To till the flow, take care the lee;
    all tied and neatly trimmed

    In kindness knew when weary I,
    we should a mooring find.
    Obliged a breeze, a welcome bank,
    for there our hopes inclined.

    A haven found, a shady grove,
    where we to while away.
    I took to gather kindling be
    and she, her art display.

    Beheld her, ’neath a princely palm,
    where she to spicing lamb.
    Her little hands inspiring rice
    with threads of za’faran.

    She offered me the finest fare,
    such wonders, she did bring.
    She sought, not once, to praise herself,
    of only me, she’d sing.

    We shared her arts with heart’s delight,
    we dined like we of yore.
    ’Neath evening skies when stars appear,
    as oft‘ folk done before.

    When stole, she did, from me a kiss,
    as would a thief respond.
    The Nile in shroud for of her night,
    of here and all beyond.

    Seduced the dark to calm and charm
    when flames to embers gone.
    Our night, the moon, an easterly,
    all fashioned from the One.

    To praising I, the pyramids,
    the Sphinx, such artistry.
    She smiled and whispered in my ear,
    “I am of what I see.”

    She spoke to me of desert winds,
    the dunes, the crocodile.
    Of falconers and cameleers,
    the egrets of the Nile.

    Yon caravans and Bedouin,
    of dhows upon the sea.
    She spoke to me and she did smile
    when leaning into me.

    And we made love as love is one,
    and we to slumber there.
    And all the while the river flowed
    into her own affair.

    To warblers’ song, a hoisted sail,
    the Nile in morning blest.
    To till her flow, my love and I,
    whatever her request.

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    I really liked this, you maintained a thread throughout it all, Which to me climaxed at Bedouin, and had many memorable moments, the end waspowerful. I like the language used, for its accuracy to my eye, and you did well with writing this poetry so dancingly
    I liked your story because I could follow along, I can't always.


    • Tony Grannell
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      Hello amenOra, Delighted you liked this one and found yourself dancing down the Nile, a great way to travel. Thank you ever so much for the lovely response. Fond regards, Tony.

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    Weave away master poet - carry me farther than any 'Calgon' ads of old could promise or deliver!


    • Tony Grannell
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      Hello RhymeLovingWriter, I'll certainly do my best, I'll take the tiller and you can take in the sights - hahaha! I'm thrilled I could take you away, even if for but a moment. Thank you very much. Fond regards, Tony.

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    I agree with RLW. sigh. Take me away. Beautiful story.


    • Tony Grannell
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      Hello Alexandra, The both of you are booked on the next sailing. All aboard, the Nile awaits. Thank you very much. Fond regards, Tony.

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    Tony, your ability to maintain a melodious rhythm of poetry throughout, with such description and emotion is always impressive.


    • Tony Grannell
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      Hello Dwayne, I just flowed with this one, it took me along on the romance of the Nile. Thank you very much for the splendid response. Fond regards, Tony.

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    Can't resist a Nile tale so winsomely told. It's as if Egypt itself were entirely manifest in this one woman. What a lucky fellow. Capital R Romanticism here, done with aplomb. Bravo, Tony!


    • Tony Grannell
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      Hello grant, a romantic yourself, no doubt. Of all the great rivers in the world, the Nile is the One. Yes, indeed, the woman is the Nile, Egypt and of course the lover, a trinity of romance. Your lovely response is so very much appreciated. Fond regards, Tony.

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    I truly enjoyed this for the pleasure of thinking about Egypt. There's skill and something more here!


    • Tony Grannell
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      Hello lunar glide, Egypt is something more and that you saw that, gladdens me so. Thank you very much for your lovely words. Fond regards, Tony.