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What Animal lasts Longer than Me?

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  • What Animal lasts Longer than Me?

    What Animal lasts Longer than Me,
    now I’m almost Seventy-three?
    Still few Days until that Date,
    “Geezer Mind” just could not Wait.

    Two Hundred Years in Arctic Waters,
    quite a Span for Sons and Daughters.
    Greenland Shark – Bowhead Whales,
    living longer Head to Tails.

    Red Sea Urchins looking Sharp,
    a Koi fish – a Kind of Carp.
    Long range Planning – Have no Fears,
    they Will last Two Hundred Years.

    The longest living Vertebrate,
    Tortoise moves to Illustrate,
    A Hundred Plus won’t Get you Down,
    though must Tote your house Around.

    Then a Type of Jellyfish,
    can live Long as they might Wish.
    Cycle Grown to Baby Stage,
    perpetuate to any Age.

    An Animal – So am I,
    compare Myself to Them and Why,
    Select the Age that Gives me Glee,
    forget the Seven - just use Three.

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    A toast to you Bob for good health and happy life (no matter the number used to express it)!


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      Thank you - like the Emoji!


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        brilliant and age is just a number. thanks for sharing. most enjoyable.


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          Thank you


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            It is always good to reflect on life, to remember the good and the bad and to consider how you can make it better for the time you have.
            Whether mentally, physically, spiritually, however you can do it shouldn't cause a negative outcome.
            Also, never think you're old, there's simply who you are which defines your age.

            That is what your poetry made me think of while reading it.
            Thank you for creating that moment with me by sharing!


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              Thank you for the thoughtful comments.


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                Writing sad poems that straightforwardly lament the disagreeable aspects of one's life - a writerly path that's wide and broad, and all too easy to travel. It's much harder to write a poem that explores one's woes in a way that is engaging and even humorous, yet still prompts reflection. That's what you do here, Bob. Not only do we get a cleverly told survey of the longest-lived creatures, we are also prodded to think of what's most important in life. The last two lines are a brilliant ending: funny and poignant at once.


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                  Thank you - always cherish your comments!