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    The uninformed uniforms

    Tumble through the streets

    In their clusters and cliques

    Drifting through guardian gates

    Before Registration bell tolls

    Filtered into forms

    Name checked, Accounted

    Assembled as one

    For Talking Head's

    Once in a lifetime homily

    Gathering seeps

    Flowing through corridors

    Flooding classrooms

    Numbers called for

    Lottery of learning

    Education winners

    Engaged by enthusiasts

    Entranced by concept

    Listen and learn

    To the school's masters

    Losers lost as jokers prey

    On the temp and weak

    Lesson control cost

    As predators feast

    On flaws of their guru

    Lunch bell clatter

    Appetites unappeased

    Meal misadventure

    As dinner ladies

    Serve the unruly

    Afternoon torpor

    Circus of class clowns

    Strive for attention

    While the unique

    Seek anonymity

    Homework set

    Yet erased from thought

    As academy disperses

    Students return to solitude

    Of social media

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    This has a great sense of movement and music, Parkinsonspoet; the use of devices and cascade of image and concept - all makes for a compelling poetical account of education. Zesta!


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      Thank you Grant I wanted to take people through a school day and that journey gave me a useful structure