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  • Locked Heart

    I promised myself that I wouldn’t fall,
    But the brightness of your smile made me forget it all.
    You found things in me that even I couldn’t see.
    My heart was a locked door,
    And you had the key.
    How you managed to find it is far beyond me,
    But I’m glad that you did;
    You shaped me into the person I’ve come to be.

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    touching, really. your tone is more conversational here. which works for the intimate expression of this beauty. That key Question 'How' is definitely something to put much thought about, and I like that way you see it there. If someone was saying this to me, I would be flattered at least, if not floored with love
    Nice ruminations on the experience of being 'tinged' with someone's essence and being.
    Now who has the key, is my thought. Hopefully it's where it belongs, thanks for sharing and Welcome, ixaudreyxi


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      Lovely poem, ixaudreyxi! Like amenOra says, the conversational flow of this is very effective.


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        brilliant. faith restored is a beautifully feeling and you expressed this so very well.


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          ixaudreyix - Just when you think you won't fall, there you are tumbling and fumbling all over yourself and you couldn't be happier to find out that a lightbulb isn't the only thing that can glow. Whoa! Sometimes, like the song says..."All you need is Love", especially when it unlocks a 'locked heart'. Much enjoyed your lovely work ixaudreyix. Namyh