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Swash and Backwash

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  • Swash and Backwash

    Swash and backwash

    Swash and backwash

    Advances slowly
    Up the beach

    As the high tide
    Of her desires
    Re-floats her boat

    Bathed in his smile

    Fingers entwine
    Eyes lock

    Soul Shudders
    In the sun
    Of loves dawn

    Downward glance

    Band of intent
    Aloft from bended knee

    Life pause
    Longest moment
    Ends with yes

    Fingerprints in the frosting

    Anointed by blemish
    Imprints unnoticed

    Bride and groom hold the knife
    Looking in each other’s eyes
    Recall advance wedding delights

    Heart flutters

    Palm sweats
    Pause procrastinates

    Eyes meet
    Flooded with relief
    Lips pledge I do

    Lunar lust

    Wedding tides
    Rising phase

    Wife’s honey
    Bridal suite
    Consummate luxury
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    Sorry Jon I meant to fix the error, after having to approve your post for some reason, and I messed up the structure, -- My deep apologies. I'm not sure if I should try to fix it or let you try with it; I think the initial issue why it was "Unapproved" was because of one line not centered, and I tried to remedy that and it removed all formatting of enjambment it seems.


    • Parkinsonspoet
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      No problem I didn't have much to do to put it right. Not your fault the system thought it might be spam. Thanks for trying

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    Nice cherita chain, Parkinsonspoet! From I want to I do to we are.


    • Parkinsonspoet
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      This my first intentional chain of Cherita. Once before I posted several individual ones together and some thought they worked as one piece. This time I took three individual one and wrote extra just to make a chain

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    Wow, this sounds great read aloud, Parkinsonspoet. You've really hit your stride with making words sing.


    • Parkinsonspoet
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      That is music to my ears because it is hard to write a chain like this. I wanted each cherita if taken out be strong enough to stand alone but also to reflect the same tone as the overall piece. I also needed the story to flow through each one and the fact it sounds good is the icing on the cake