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  • Apocalypse Day

    Apocalypse Day

    As I opened my eyes, the day rushed in,
    how sunny and beautiful and devoid of sin.
    Lawnmowers running. Children’s voices at play
    and a breeze off the coast this weekend’s Saturday.

    I waved at my neighbors, Sam, Ernie and Mack.
    They busied with yardwork but smiled and waved back.
    I looked for my car keys. The cupboard was bare.
    But what was this something I sensed in the air?

    An eerie, gut wrenching thickness of black…
    Wait! That’s when I heard it, a lightning crack.
    I raised my head. The neighbors did too.
    Our attention was riveted like nails in glue.

    Then Boom! The Sun darkened. The Moon turned red.
    An immense Gate appeared, scraping sky with dread.
    We looked up trembling, not knowing what to say.
    Who thought such a Saturday would be Judgement Day!

    The Gate blasted open as if punched with a fist.
    Thru black smoke rode the First Horseman of the Apocalypse;
    gold crown, arrows flying from his Bow Archer’s hand
    on a white horse, Jupiter, for the conquering of Man.

    We scattered, ran screaming in the streets from this.
    Out leaped the Second Horseman of the Apocalypse;
    In his hand a great Sword slicing Peace from the Earth
    on a red horse, Juno. Great chunks did burst!

    In the shock-gripped panic of fear in our midst
    did gallop the Third Horseman of the Apocalypse
    on a black horse, Neptune, Balance Scales in his hand
    letting loose the Flood Waters pounding Man, pounding Land.

    The Fourth Horseman, Death, on Vesta a pale horse,
    plunged thru the Gate on his predetermined course
    beckoning with a hand’s white bony finger slim
    for all of Hell’s Hordes to erupt and follow him!

    All Seven Seals broken now, lightning cracks loud.
    A mighty Angel descended clothed in a mighty cloud
    with feet and legs of fire, one on land, one on sea.
    Seven angels played on trumpets one Destruction symphony.

    Man profaned God’s Wisdom by not doing what he oughta’.
    Now the Beast with seven heads comes rising from the water
    with ten horns sharp and a wet body cold
    to swallow and devour all the Souls of Man whole!

    Twilight shivers shake the ground in evening’s light decay.
    Hoofbeats rumble! Lightning strikes to claw the night in gray.
    The Beast knocks once your door and it opens under power
    and to your ear from out the darkness whispers…..”Judgement Hour”.

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    Nicely rhymed dramatic piece! Well done Namyh


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      Rhymeboy - I wrote this for those of us who may think only about today and avoid thinking about tomorrow, especially when Fate has a way making you focus. Thanks much for enjoying and also for your words R. Namyh


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        What a vivid tale you poetically tell, and an apt caution!


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          This was very intense Namyh


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            DWAYNE - If this work leaves an aftershock that remains in the reader's senses, it may be that hearing those hoofbeats and envisioning those lightning strikes are just the first steps in compelling behavior modification for those who know what's coming and need it. I'm honored to be in the company of poets here who leave aftershocks. I had several just writing this Frankenstein creation and now I want my Mommy. LOL. Thanks Dwayne for enjoying this tale of calamity and caution. Namyh
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              Alexandra - So elated to bring you a little intensity with this work today, a pre-preparation no doubt for the intensity of a Judgement Day we may all be scheduled for tomorrow. Whoa! Now I'm scared and I REALLY want my mommy! LOL. For your wonderful words of enjoyment, I thank advance! Real good to hear from the one and only Alexandra the Late. Namyh