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Sanctum of Infallibility

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  • Sanctum of Infallibility

    The pursuit of truth
    is a most untidy excavation
    and he who ventures from introspection to elocution
    is bound to speak inelegantly, if ever to speak at all.

    But the prospect of imprecision
    ought not dissuade dialog.
    Since, refinement born of repartee,
    merely proves the benefit
    of the maieutic exercise.

    For many a precept postulated
    owes its profundity
    to the refuse of those lesser notions
    that have since been proven false.

    Clarity is a conversational treasure,
    and Divergence may be as beneficial to the ascertainment of truth,
    as pressure is a pre-requisite to the cultivation of diamonds.

    However, if elucidation is met with persecution,
    those who would be generous with insight,
    will think it more prudent to be silent
    than to risk the resultant ridicule.

    For the sanctum of infallibility is a cloistered edifice,
    whose adherents are baptized in tyrannical ignorance.
    For hubris is as insurmountable an hinderance to knowledge,
    as humility is indispensable to it.

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    Enlightenment is usually met with persecution. You would think that we would readily accept it. Unfortunately many are afraid to lose their position or acceptance in society. Enjoyed it Dwayne.


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      We have become so dictatorial about speech. We readily reject opposing viewpoints by villlifying those who propose them, mischaracterizing their positions, and stereotyping them by readily assigning them to groups we despise. Ignoring the nuance in an argument. The process of fruitful discussion and debate, has often resulted in unanticipated and unintentional refinement of one’s views, collaboration and compromise. We lose that when we denounce people for presumed hateful motives, rather than hearing them out, and possibly changing their minds with logical counter-arguments.

      Thanks for reading. Glad you liked it.


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        To treat as equal
        in an amphitheater of noise
        unreason's voice only ensures
        you will not prevail


        • DWAYNE
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          True. I have been privy to an argument in which a man has posited the notion that language ought to evolve through discussion and not tyrannical dictates, imposing terminology which has not yet garnered broad consensus.

          He has encountered numerous zealots, who have exaggerated his statements and mischaracterized his position, in service to their agenda. They have misrepresented him as intolerant and hateful, even though he has taken great pains to provide a comprehensive statement of his views, none of which expresses hatred towards anyone.

          Such an exercise in reasoned debate, is futile. However, the remedy is not hyperbolic rhetoric, but rather, a reasoned elocution of the falsities and defects in their arguments. Reasoned elevation of the discourse amidst a storm of punditry, and shallow slogans is difficult, but I’d like to think, not impossible.
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        True words. And thanks for the vocabulary addition - maieutic - I love learning new words.


        • DWAYNE
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          Glad you liked it.

          Happy to contribute in small part, to the expansion of your vocabulary.

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        Only those who listen truly hear. Only those who speak with truly converse. Those who don't listen, those who speak to, hear and say what they want as if it was what they want. George H. W. Bush loved and used Bobby McFerrin's song. "Don't Worry Be Happy" in his presidential campaign even when asked not to by Mr. McFerrin, a supporter of his opponent. As is sadly proven everyday, in the lyrics of the Tom Tom Club, 'What are words worth? Words' - from the song 'Wordy Rappinghood.' Very enlightening, DWAYNE. And as RLW said, thanks for adding to my vocabulary.


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          Hello Dwayne, It reminds me of 'An Enemy of the People' one man's truth against a mass lie. Also, Nietzsche's sister who altered, adulterated, may be a better word, his works to suit the Nazi cause. The Superman, the Arian race, whereas in fact, I think he called it the, higher man, a man looking down from a hight to understand the world better, now I may be wrong in that, it has been a while since I've read Nietzsche. Your very fine poem finds me in much thought. Thank you very much for stirring this old brain of mine into action again. Fond regards, Tony.


          • DWAYNE
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            I do think you interpretation of her subversion, and perversion, of his work is bang on!

            Glad I stirred your brain!