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Stranded at sea

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  • Stranded at sea

    I feel stranded at sea. My mind is this ocean that separates me from the land that i need to set myself free. Free from these visions that run through my head again. Im offending them, these demons, they give me anxiety with these fiery thoughts deep inside of me. But I still have some fervor, don't be an observor please someone throw me a life preserver.

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    In seeking it will you know it, a preserver that may not show it? 'Cause our answer at times will find us where we least expect life to bind us. Keep horizons as level bested while you move about life so tested with an eye toward a spirit raving in position defeating saving. Maybe power is in your stancing full obscured by those visions dancing. Clear the deck and get homeward bounding even while all around the sounding of a sea full of darkest devils spark out thoughts from the lower levels. There's a light in the sky that's shining - steer by it for your silver lining.


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      I like it, and think this was a good improvement over what you had showed me before. I definitely like "stranded at sea" and think exploring such ideas with rhymes as you have is awesome, I hope you're still writing too!


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        Nicely done Kino. A lot of people can relate to this. Welcome to the Zone.