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So Long, So Far

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  • So Long, So Far

    It's another pointless night in a semi pointless life
    Devoid of light and aching for strife
    I'll wait for the courage to give up on hope and turn out my eyes

    There's movement and there's heat somewhere outside the door
    I've been there, so long, so far before you graced the sweaty floor
    The dancing fools and turbulent intellectuals made dim by another and another one too many
    How they abandon themselves forever, an escape they embrace unconditionally, so ready

    In the deep night from which I abstain, you're out there waiting
    For someone better, for someone to fit a malformed mold
    While I sit debating the merits of another new love or an old affair that's always failing
    In my favorite chair, guitar in the corner, the words I sing seem cold

    This isn't real, I tell myself, it's a finger in the dam
    There's water leaking through, it's always coming for you
    How long can you stay here, denying the inevitable, let it be broken
    Let the flood wash you away, wake up as someone new

    Because change is worth the pain
    Because theres more to life than waiting to die
    Because she isn't waiting for you
    Because she never will
    So pick yourself up and carry yourself home
    Wake up as someone new

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      Very musical, Bison. A country/bluesy vibe in an effective rhythm of its own. Very good read!


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        Musing on the down side...effective dealing with a crossroad moment Bison.


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          such hard hitting poetry to get over and accepting love is not meant to be no matter how much you want it. loved the dam and the flush in poetry ie water bit. very true words wrote in this clever poem and I thank you for sharing.


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            You got me with that 4th stanza.