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A Stained Memory

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  • A Stained Memory

    Garage Ceiling Stain.jpg
    Life is Filled with Memories,
    Come and Go so Cleverly.
    Some are Good – Some are Bad,
    Some are Happy – Some are Sad.

    In my Case my Brain is Drained,
    by a Memory that is Stained.
    When I Walk to my Garage,
    reliving It in a Barrage.

    Offered to Run her a Bath,
    secretly I did the Math.
    Poured in Bubbles to the Max,
    hoping that She would Relax.

    Got distracted For a While,
    reliving Now is Quite a Trial.
    Then there Was a Little Hitch,
    ain't no Auto Turn Off Switch.

    Water and Bubbles Overflowed
    into Garage it Sure did Load.
    Ran down Only there to Find,
    was Not the Ending had in Mind.

    To this Day the Stain remains,
    and This photo Gives me Pains.
    Plans that Day were never Met,
    for What I hoped Was a Sure Bet.

    Bathtub God – There must be One,
    Symbols left When deed was Done.
    Explanation not Met Yet,
    Big-nosed Shark and Tiny Net????

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    It actually looks like the ancient Egyptian hieroglyph representing a knife. In Egyptian art, if a figure is shown brandishing one of these, it's a demon. Looks like you've got one in your underworld.


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      Ah, the curse of good deeds, helping pave the road with intentions. Still, a small hiccup that is now an amusing shared memory. Nice, Bob!


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        A Demon? Actually, that explains quite a bit. Yesterday, the garage door opener - on that side of the garage - quit working. It needed a new circuit board - not an inexpensive part as it turns out. I think the Demon might be on a commission basis with the garage door company? And yes, the best intentions of a stumbling romantic man.


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          Comes an age
          one thought's enough
          complete the task
          or things get rough


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            Yes - thanks.


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              I've heard the saying 'no good deed goes unpunished' - and never quite knew what it meant. This scenario you've so cleverly recounted seems to fit.


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                In this case - I guess that is true. Thank you. However, I would be remiss if I did not mention that there were future successful bubble baths.