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When I did Business in China

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  • When I did Business in China

    When I Was in China I went With the Flow,

    I Ate where they Ate - Go where they Go.

    Got crammed into Subways, Buses, and Such,

    though While I was There they didn't Stare Much.

    The Country was Pretty - the People Sincere,

    a Pleasant Surprise - the Taste of their Beer.

    Went with their Customs - it Wasn't that Hard,

    'cept one Big Exception it Wouldn't be Marred.

    No winnings have I - though Gave it my All,

    Burned Incense to Win - the pot Powerball.

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    Is that like a pot luck? Was wondering in what way 'pot' was being used. Nicely done, I enjoyed, well constructed and coherent. Picture looks like much was going on. I would love it if I ever got to go to some place far like that.
    It was a treat, I appreciate your sharing.


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      Sounds like you enjoyed the trip - despite not returning with Powerball winnings in hand! Something tells me, with your life attitude (as displayed through you work), you'd be able to find the good in anything...a wonderful way to live.


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        That is a Buddhist Temple in Hangzhou (Hon-Joe), China. I went with my manager and good friend - I did business in China for 8 years and had a 25 person office in Shenzhen (Sin-Gin), China. You purchase the incense sticks - light them in a fire bowl of sorts - then bow in three directions with them and the last (4th) bow you face the temple with a big golden Buddha in it. You make a wish and it is suppose to come true - unfortunately, I did not come away with any winning lotto numbers. I have Rhymes that I have written in the past - this is one of them. I have created a website and am in the process of collecting all my Rhymes and putting them on the site. I have written maybe 500 or so - it is going to take me a while to (one-by-one) transfer all of them to the new website. I wanted a place for all of them in case my family might want them after I am pushing up daisies.


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          Glad you're collecting all your work, Bob, and making it accessible. Thanks for sharing about your Chinese connections. I could do with some winning lotto numbers, so may try your incense stick and Buddha-bow trick. There is actually a large Chinese Buddhist temple near where my family live in my hometown; my Dad is buried right next door to it. Next time I visit him, I will call in on his neighbour the golden Buddha

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        BobG - I'd love to go to such an exotic place and even win. Enjoyed your work. I'm burning incense. My bags are packed and I'm ready to go! LOL. Namyh.


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          It is a wonderful place to visit and the people are sincere. Maybe I had blinders on - but in all my eight years of traveling there - I never saw any of the negative things that I read and hear about now.


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            Hope you have better luck than I did - thanks for your comments.


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              nice poetry and I am sure it will drum up business for china.


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                I still am in contact with my former manager in China. He actually became the son I never had. We were planning to help US companies sell their products into China. Then the trade war started and now we are waiting until the situation gets solved. An unfortunate development at least for us.


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                  Subscribed and looking forward to your website offerings!


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                    Thank you. It's going to take me a while to get them posted.


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                      Ni hao Bob, I spent fourteen years in China and like you, drank the beer, ate the food, burned incense, met wonderful people and generally speaking, had a jolly good time. I have very fond memories as I'm sure you have. I love this poem of yours - well done indeed. Fond regards, Tony.


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                        Thank you Tony! Having been there then you know what I mean. I imported - I know a swear word "aluminum" - and traveled all up and down the east coast. Dalian was the farthest north and Shenzhen to the south. Not one visit was unpleasant in any shape or form - fond memories indeed!!!! I usually made 5-6 trips a year lasting from 2-3 weeks each.