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  • Timelessness


    Even when the elements split the earth in me
    and fling my crumblings into the scattered emptiness
    of worlds ground to crushed chaos and smashed collision,
    your Love will be my beacon thru the rubble
    blinking in the nothingness,
    dodging past the brokenness
    and guiding me ‘til end of Time.

    And when Night caves in from stars sucked out
    by Age leaving days and shattered suns
    slipping down Eternity at a million midnights per second,
    your Love will be my flame in the black wind
    blistering in the coldness,
    emblazing me with boldness

    and fusing me to your Love divine.

    And when I measure my Life,
    not by the number of breaths I take
    but by your moments which take my breaths away
    and not by the number of aches I’ve caged in heartbreaks
    but by your conquest of my plundered ones set free.
    Breathless may be the light of all precious stones
    but only your Love shines the polished gem of me.

    For I’m stained glass lost at night,
    with a longing waiting mindless
    in a trembling fingered blindness
    for that moment rendered timeless

    when your Love dawns the darkness
    and I bathe in shafts of Light.


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    Nice! Really nice Namyh! I eespeciallly like the last stanza:

    "For I’m stained glass lost at night,
    with a longing waiting mindless
    in a trembling fingered blindness
    for that moment rendered timeless . . ."

    Well done Namyh!


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      Ambitious piece that wields the whole cosmos. It's grand, operatic, and the meter is pretty much unerring. I like your boldness with verbs and participles in this, Namyh, and the sense of music. Salutes.
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        Rhymeboy - When it’s written from the heart, it helps to keep the pen true which made me write it like I felt it. Passion either waits at the brink of extinction for someone to resurrect it or it waits at the the brink of eruption for someone to ignite it. Somewhere between the two, there will be a poet around to write about the combustions. Mighty glad you enjoyed reading this creation Rhymeboy. Namyh


        • Rhymeboy
          Rhymeboy commented
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          Spoken like a true poet Namyh In fact, this 'response' of yours could stand alone as a poem in and of itself!

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        I enjoyed this one very much. The last stanza is creative and beautiful imagery. The stanza before it though on measuring life by moments that take your breath there something original you can use there? On a piece that's so uniquely yours as this one, inserting an idea that isn't detracts something.
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          GrantH - The body may crumble and fall apart but we hope the Love lives on and transcends time and space, ending when it reaches Infinity but still with enough momentum to vibrate one more step beyond. Any Love so sustained by two hearts unseparated as one is a formidable force to reckon with and historically has been known to collapse kingdoms, topple empires, weaken the strongest of men and women and then amazingly resurrect them from the dead. Life, Death and Love....You're right Grant. It is a whole cosmos. Namyh


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            It does have an epic feel Namyh . Where is Tanner ? This is right up his alley!


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              RLW - What makes stained glass beautiful is the presence of light. In the absence of light, it may be seen to blend and fade into the night without showing any of its brilliance. As humans, from the light of love in someone's eyes, we shine and are beautiful. In the absence of love, we blend into the background and wait to show our hidden brilliance. It's Love's timeless "epic" within each of us and I just had to write a little about it. Thanks RhymeLovingWriter for coming by. Namyh
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                Lunar glide - Mighty proud you enjoyed the creativity and imagery here. As for that stanza, it proved the best to portray my intent despite other possibilities tried. In addition, you should have seen the rewrites with this baby! Whoa! Hope this put a smile on ya....a big undetracted one. LOL. Thanks a lot LG. Namyh
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