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  • dr rachid mekhalfia

    dr rachid mekhalfia 15.09.18


    sorry for your ordeal

    it is one horrific strike

    the reward will keep it real

    all over disagracebook like like.

    not sure if targeted

    was this robbery planned and no botch

    kilburn is a area that's down marketed

    standing out on wrist your watch.

    disgusting we live in fear

    not at all sick

    don't want to smear

    as a massive decrease from c.dick.

    sorry about confidence

    it will return

    not talking nonsense

    close to me was no bill bullet burn.

    agree with your statement

    but plenty of police around

    with cutting blue line are we in agreement

    lets get them off line and on uk ground.

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    I looked up the story, and I can see how well you poetise the details and make a statement.


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      grant you done your home work. not many readers do this so you are top of the class for digging. thanks for reading.