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  • scratch and sniff

    honk kong scratch and sniff exhibition 15.09.18

    welcome to the exhibition
    all smells for let
    will end with a limited edition
    people will flock to the house of sommerset.
    under scrutiny
    a smell that lingers for long
    a delicacy in the community
    this exhibition is just so hong kong.
    come get familiar
    show some hearts
    sniffing this is no thriller
    can you taste them egg tarts.
    next is no substitute
    like to metal is sodium
    sniff deep and pollute
    you will like opium.
    last tempter to persuade
    this will get you wall stuck
    slicing with a sharp blade
    ready for roast duck.
    brilliant is scratch and sniff
    to this exhibition my review is swell
    the sushi has made me all stiff
    where's the bucket i feel unwell.

  • #2
    Too much - or too much of the wrong thing?

    You definitely have a beat in your poetic works poemzone !


    • #3
      Hey, I wanna go to the exhibition! I'll have to pass on the sushi though! Lol! Vivid imagery poemzone


      • #4
        There's a rap-like feel to this, a savvy edge, and wry wit. Never a dull moment.


        • #5
          Poemzone - I'm packing my bags right away. I liked the force and visual craft of this. Namyh


          • #6
            follow your nose. thank you all very much for commenting. really grateful for you all reading.