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cat napping appeal

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  • cat napping appeal

    cat napping muk appeal 14.09.18


    moving is investigation

    CCTV now sweeter then cadbury

    do not personally understand gratification

    maybe a crime hot spot in canonbury.

    hours of looking

    this pussy made all cry

    so much with online booking

    devastation when stolen in july.

    plod done a appeal

    reaching out as far as mediterranean

    photo to life real

    this is my publicity for the siberian.

    onto the perpetrator

    of rich a son

    obviously a fur hater

    it was a quick grab and run.

    straight to the station

    not seen since

    TFL onto a serious operation

    every bit of CCTV they will rinse.

    do you recognise

    can a name from you i pluck

    the last appeal i self criticise

    that's why doing right by mr muk.