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The Ocean's Cunning

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  • The Ocean's Cunning

    I love how the ocean taunts you,
    How its cunning lures you in.
    Cold waves lap against your ankles
    As heat blisters on your skin.

    In one moment your clothes are dry
    But the ocean coils back.
    You run from the cruel sun's anger,
    From the water's sudden lack,

    You run to the salty water
    So your feet can feel its chill
    But suddenly the playful sea
    Snaps back for dry clothes to fill.

    The ocean's such wicked thing,
    With wily, wild design.
    Its genius tricks you to its grasp
    Drenching you from foot to spine.

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    I don't currently live near an ocean, but have been lucky enough to have visited a few, and have been caught more than once just as you describe! I imagine those folks who watch tides on a regular basis aren't so easily engulfed!

    Enjoyed this DV - thank you.


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      Haha, yes I am sure those tide watchers are more careful than to be snatched up by the ocean's teasing nature, RhymeLovingWriter . I often suspect they laugh as we get drenched, but that makes it all the more fun, I should think!!

      Thank you so much for reading, RLW. I am glad you enjoyed it!


      • Muttado1sb
        Muttado1sb commented
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        I’ve been caught as you’ve described. I’ve also been on the laughing side. The ocean has its own sense of humor. It’s best to not be the butt. Very nice, Darth!

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      A different take on the ocean. Nicely done Darth.


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        A nice and enjoyable read! Nicely done Darthvader


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          Darthvader - I like the way you wrote this. It's ironic an ocean that can deliver such complexity of living brought about us humans from a long ago simplicity of life. Enjoyed DV. Namyh