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    bolster binary opposition,
    pitch camps upon divergent poles
    and subsequently
    pitch vitriol from those camps.
    Parse facts for favor.
    Discarding the inconvenient text.
    Find criers to report
    that which biased motivations spin.
    Court friends for the talent of their parroting.
    And quarters for their echo.
    Discard the incontrovertible truths.
    Conjuring conspiracies.

    And yet others
    mind dermatological features
    validating admittance in a tribe.
    And thus,
    deem disparate countenance
    cause to vilify.
    Feasting upon scapegoats
    in a steady diet of discontent.
    Drunk on diatribes
    and indigestible turmoil.
    They meet the the waning hours
    with uneasy slumber.
    Ever-anxious souls,
    whose heads rest
    hard upon the dagger.
    And so
    sleep sparsely but never well.
    They whittle their waking hours
    harping imagined grievances
    and bigoted refrains.
    As if,
    by mere hollow utterance,
    they can make a nation great again.
    The very malevolent mob
    whom, by their malice,
    sully her name!

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    Excellent poem DWAYNE . . . and very appropriate for the current times we are living in! Well done!


    • DWAYNE
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      Thank you for reading.

      And your kind words.

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    DWAYNE ! It's wonderful to see your name in the queue again!

    So many clever, tongue-pleasing, descriptive phrases here - tough & true - sharp edges to prick the conscience of contentment...rousing as are in fine form, poet friend!


    • DWAYNE
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      Thank you. Glad to be back, and finally well enough to turn my mind to writing.

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    Wonderful to see you posting Dwayne and what a comeback.


    • DWAYNE
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      Thanks ATL.

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    Your ability to wield and deploy charged abstractions is unequalled, Dwayne. The cadence of this, its interplay of devices, brings music to the driving blows of declamation.


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      Even your comments are poetic!

      Thanks for reading.


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        Wonderful and on point as always, DWAYNE!


        • DWAYNE
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          Glad it spoke to you.

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        So much packed into this a great read


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          Thanks PP!