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  • Autumn Light

    Autumn Light

    Offered votive to the evening skies,

    red apples, green bough on a field of blue.

    Still Life masked in disguise, fruiting pointless,

    futile, from these crabs no tree will ensue.

    Man pours scorn on nature, no libation

    spilled, no wassailed frost to serve unpaid dues,

    A scion of scions, from clones a clone,

    it eyes the future of beauty by hue;

    Autumn pays the price for Spring's attraction
    Last edited by Johntee; 09-14-2018, 07:40 AM.

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    But what lovely jelly/jam they make! Beautifully captured JT. I'm still pinching myself that fall is in the air.


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      This was enjoyable to read, and after some time to 'digest' I quite enjoy the end result. Cheers, Johntee!


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        You are a great musician, Johntee.


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          Hello Johntee, Fallen fruit to rot and fertilise the blooms of spring. It is a strange season, autumn - the beautiful colours of dying into the dead greys of winter. This is an excellent poem. Well done. You are in good health, I hope. Fond regards, Tony.


          • Johntee
            Johntee commented
            Editing a comment
            I'm okay Tony. It was my car that was sick, underlining my dependency.

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          Again a belated response
          after a fortnight confined to barracks
          Thank you all for the read and comment