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I See You From My Window

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  • I See You From My Window


    I see you from my window
    I watch you every day
    I wave to you ---- in vain sometimes
    And hope ---- you'll look my way

    If you do ---- I'll say, "Good Morning."
    Or ask ---- "How was your day?"
    My tongue ------ is all in knots
    as I think ------ of things to say

    Perhaps, I'll say ----- "I love you."
    And you'll say ----- you love me too
    Then we'll run off ---- and get married
    and kiss ----- like lovers do

    We'll sit under ----- a willow tree
    Alone ----- just you and me
    We'll enjoy ----- a bit of cake
    as we look out ----- toward the lake

    Or we'll sit under ------ a shady palm
    where the weather ------- is warn and calm
    We'll sip ------ a fruity tea
    as we gaze out ------- toward the sea

    Now, as real ---- as that may seem
    I know ----- it's just a dream
    One of many ---- I have of you
    Dreams that never ----- will come true

    But I still dream them ----- anyway
    because that's how ----- I spend my day
    I dream ----- of Me and You
    like I have nothing ----- else to do

    But if I am lonely ---- I'm to blame
    And that's really ------ quite a shame
    Because I really ----- know nothing about you
    I don't even ---- know your name

    I could find out ----- I know
    but I am just ---- too slow
    It seems like a difficult task
    but all I really ------ have to do is ask

    But I don't
    because I won't
    And it's not ---- because I'm lazy
    I am so in love ---- and love just makes you crazy

    Or perhaps ----- it's because I'm stupid
    Or it's because ----- I'm just too shy
    to simply open up my mouth
    when I see you walking by

    I could simply ----- yell out the window
    And say, "Ooooo! ------ You look so fine!
    Would you like ----- to meet for dinner?
    Perhaps ----- we'll meet at nine?"

    Instead ------ I stand there
    still and mute
    Just because
    I think you're cute

    I want to hold you
    and be kissed
    But you don't know
    that I exist

    So, I'll watch you ---- from my window
    as you go ---- about your day
    And I will dream ------ of loving you
    As I watch you ---- walk away

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    Rhymeboy - This poetic lesson speaks to the nature in each of us. Most times it's indeed our human fear of rejection that keeps us from taking that step forward in love. Thanks for eloquently reminding us RB. Enjoyed. Namyh


    • Rhymeboy
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      Thank You Namyh for your kind and gracious words!

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    I enjoyed reading this Rhymeboy. I could feel that longing from the window.


    • Rhymeboy
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      Thank you ATL for taking the time to read and comment on it! Much appreciated!

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    Timeless theme expressed with poignantly direct simplicity. Sad, sweet everyman blues.


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      Thank you grant hayes You're right it is a familiar theme I always wanted to write my very own 'aoidantt love' poem I wrote two . . . I think this one is by far the best. Thanks for reading and commenting! Much appreciated!