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My Diminishing Brain Cells

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  • My Diminishing Brain Cells

    From the Things I Read and Hear,
    At my Age – Depressing Fear.
    Some Brain Cells – Already Gone,
    Out the Door – Beyond the Lawn?

    So I have to make a Plan,
    Remaining Cells they All must Ban.
    So it’s Not an Aberration,
    Task goes to Imagination.

    Perhaps just Give them What they Crave,
    That might Get them to Behave?
    Take off Chains of Common Sense,
    Discard Shackles of Pretense.

    Like clean Windows with Windex,
    Wipe off Body Mass Index.
    Eat and Drink to Cells Content,
    Go for Broke and Don’t Lament.

    Contented Cells might Stay Around,
    Imagination’s plans Abound,
    Cheat and Dupe forever Tether,

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    If you get brave enough to try - let us know how it turns out, OK? I'm not quite there yet, but your poetry is tempting me.


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      Rhyming as you do would have to be one of the best ways to arrest the brain cell exodus, Bob. To me, your work appears to be going from strength to strength. This one is a gem. The concluding stanza, in particular, is wonderful.

      Cheat and Dupe forever Tether,

      Outstanding wordplay and concept. Not enough Likes!
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        Very nice comments and much appreciated from my remaining brain cells!


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          Bob - At my age in a hostage situation, I’m likely to be released first. I sing along with elevator music ‘cause I remember the words. My joints are more accurate meteorologists than the National Weather Service. I know my secrets are safe with my friends because, with diminishing brain cells, they can’t remember them either. Whoa! Ain't life grand. LOL. Thanks Bob. I'm feeling better adjusted already. Namyh


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            We have to stick together - like minded cells and all. Thank you comment.