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    The grey hair should have warned me!

    Countered as the other lads I took him for a newbie,

    at base then a butcher's boy, a faux-pas I fell right in

    to find I'd met the owner. How many years? First time seen.

    A teacher I'd heard? Now told, Art.

    Taught, ... Fostered a love for it,

    yet found space to save the past,

    at auctions bid value's price

    salvaged others sepia dross,

    once archive of Civic Pride,

    the local picture postcard.

    A love of place not quite gone

    published for each town in turn,

    saved "what was" from final loss.

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    This paints a lovely picture, particularly as I deal with what to keep and what must go among the goods amassed at the farm. So many precious memories, even if found among material goods.


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      I like the expressions in this, you used language which sets up a conversational tone, relating memories, and I enjoy the atmosphere.


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        I love the story told, of quiet determination to preserve the fragile traces of the past. And the use of a vernacular diction in a poetic cadence is wonderful.


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          I passed the original piece into the butcher's shop but have yet to find how the owner took it.