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Thoughts of a controlled boyfriend

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  • Thoughts of a controlled boyfriend

    You didn't try your best to talk or even text,
    And of course, I will get vex,
    Girl you tried to make it up with good phone sex,
    You also left on a bad note when u left for Peru,
    You didn't hear my last words it was "Fuck you too"!
    I decided to forget just like you did,
    So I did the thing you strictly forbid,
    The Appleton was my water and the vodka was my chaser,
    All my feelings poured out on just a piece of paper,
    I was writing like I was a speed racer,
    Bad thoughts came to mind, for example, I wanna mace her,
    If she reads this now I don't know how to face her,
    So everything was deleted by just a blue eraser

    By: Spundle

    [I have more but I'm just seeing if the community like it]

    [Honest thoughts are valued]

    [True story]

    [Ongoing true story]