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  • "The Bob"

    “The Bob” is not Famous – “The Bob” is not Rich,
    Is not his own God or Son-of-a-bitch.
    Has no Gold adorning his Walls and his Sink,
    Is not into Winning or what Others Think.
    Has no Massive Tower that Carries his Name,
    Nor craves the Attention, Fortune, and Fame.
    Has no Private Jet to Impress and to Score.
    Has no Great desire to own More and More.
    Had no Beauty Pageants to Show off for All.
    Had no TV Show so Others can Fall.
    Doesn’t crave Praise from others Around,
    Nor wants To be Ruler with a Gaudy Crown.

    “The Bob” is just Common with no Frills and Spin,
    with no Golden Hair though a Double Chin.

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    Nice sonnet, Bob, "The Bob", I do feel like I kind of know you! You're a real good guy, in my book, poem-writing and more.

    I think this says, basically, why humility is needed, to see something more about things!


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      Thank you - means a lot to this old guy.


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        Here, in crisply rhymed couplets we see how the Bob contrasts to the Big Orange; I reckon there ought to be a follow up sonnet that shows us what Bob 'is' and 'has' in an affirmative sense. I like how you blend the personal and political here, Bob.


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          Just an Old Guy who likes to Rhyme,
          and Hopes to do More before His Time.