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The Silken Moonlight

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  • The Silken Moonlight

    The silken moonlight

    Beneath the flowing skies’ silken moonlight

    Her angelic face looked so innocent

    against the twinkling stars like candlelight

    making her beautiful skin Scintillant

    Their young hearts had left nothing unspoken

    Such Loving eyes their desires reflected

    He had promised her his life’s devotion

    She said he would never feel neglected

    The years went by and like a movie script

    They smiled while their hearts wept for what had been

    Sometimes it’s the sailor who sinks his ship

    Or weathers the harsh storms that no one wins

    Young love and life’s trials can make you strong

    Or harden you until you don’t belong

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    Has a silken flow and recognises loves unpredictable outcomes. Whose love will stand the test of time?


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      Thank you Jon for reading and commenting. Not my best sonnet but I keep trying.

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    Nice! Great imagery!


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      Thank you Rhymeboy. I really appreciate it.

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    But surely in SOME cases that hardened heart can unlearn the callousness// and feel again? I would hope!
    I like it, from the inverted syntax to the overall structure. Rhymes were really cool, too. Vivid.
    I was a bit stopped up at the last line stanza 3, I can sorta see what it means, but technically I'm reading it as "one of you" wins a storm?
    But I get it... a storm a fight, and no one wins.

    Yep, strength comes from experience, and getting thru life.
    Thanks for sharing this one, a snapshot in a lifetime... poetry.


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      AO thank you for reading and commenting. I was writing about a particular couple I know and he destroyed their marriage - his words not mine - but he weathered the repercussions and has to this day regretted what he did to sink his own ship. Sometimes people are self destructive and they succeed in destroying others and themselves. She has never remarried - afraid of being hurt - doesn’t mean she couldn’t love someone else and my sonnet doesn’t say that. My sonnet says she became hardened in that relationship - hardened to him and might even still love him but cannot forgive him - but you are free to interpret in your own way. So in my opinion no one won and that’s a shame because I have seen other young relationships go through hell and survive and stay married 60 years like my parents. . Sad but a true story.
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        In the silk's sheen
        the moth has been
        by death unwound


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          Thank you Johntee