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Beauty of the fern

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  • Beauty of the fern

    The beauty of the fern
    - its green and morning turned
    in fractal ends toward the burning
    star, here caught and scattered - learns
    no self of this shoreline;

    takes a watcher to mirror, takes
    an age to temple the second’s maths,
    a heart to blinker out the clouds of gnats,
    a somewhere else to make
    this nowhere centre.

    An eyed and halting vapour,
    aping the solid soil and shape of weather,
    holds the frond a wonder;
    a child revering
    the gone and warrior brother.

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    Aw, so beautiful, from the rhythm which pulls you along, the crisp accentuations, and the smooth-flow of thought... you home in on the creation of something, before my eyes the growing flowers graphed. And then with stanza three throws up the image, "frond a wonder", and breaks the heart with some 'pathos' --
    you flesh out a relationship which is not overtly human, of course it's the fern, but all throughout you describe it in new ways, personifying in such a way that I get to contemplate "ferns" in general... and then the final pivot brings up the human in this, it's nice to end like that, with the rhyme, quite effective to wrap things up, in contrast. It almost raises a question, it makes me wonder.
    Imagery was great and rhymes were exceptional. Definitely one 'ineffable' in many ways which I can appreciate!
    Thank you and Peace, Grant!


    • amenOra
      amenOra commented
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      ps I see it as the 'eyed vapor' nods to the ineffable that came from before, like the lineage of plants, from where they come and where they go -- that its warrior and gone is so beautiful I shouldn't spoil the reference with overstatement or something. I just really enjoyed that sequence, and its apparent significance. "Something survived beyond a vapor and lived beyond the shapes here" basically. Something!

      pps: Brilliant... rereading it and with Johntee's hints... seeing much more. Nice!
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    • grant hayes
      grant hayes commented
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      Glad you dig it, amenOra, and thank you for such a detailed account of why you dig it. That you take the time to write thus makes me feel like my lines are communicating.

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    To crawl ashore
    set aside the sea
    build an era
    giants strove,
    Still fern's spore
    demands motility
    must swim to fructify
    in dewy mist the mystery
    leaf on leaf employ
    as in the past play
    fractal geometry
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    • Parkinsonspoet
      Parkinsonspoet commented
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      The way you can analyse in poetic form both delights and explains. you have a unique talent

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    I am grinning now. I love the final line but it is much more than that. You show me things from an angle that would never have occurred to me


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      When I read this Grant I felt like a child in awe of nature’s beauty, complexity and yet its simplicity. Truly enjoyed it


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        ^ If I can elicit childlike awe with my lines, then I am well pleased, Alexandra. Glad you liked it.