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John wrote to protestants

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  • John wrote to protestants

    Green and yelow of forest,
    If you don't lost,
    In this freedom,
    Culture of west,
    Protestant's show,
    Colors of human rainbow,
    When they slay not in shadow,
    Note not wrong,
    If you are not quarrelsome,
    Not Jezebel grand loge of whore,
    Not Sodom,
    But in the rest,
    Between all churches of Apocalypse of John,
    Green Reformation, yellow of sects,
    Who is not beast choice the best,
    Like Mother of God, her free heart,
    Beautyfull flower and sweetest pharos,
    The oxygen in air on the cross,
    Mass must go on nevertheless,
    Good samaritans between all sects are the Road of Word,
    Like Robin Wood the friend in this world, i attest.
    it's about two churches of Apocalypse (Revelation) of John: Thyatira (Reformation) and Sardis (sects) by me