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  • What Happened???????????

    Granpa 2nd day without bandage.jpg
    Sprain a Foot or Break an Arm,
    doesn’t Set off Much Alarm.
    When your Face looks Like a Quilt,
    People ask Without much Guilt.

    At my Age I thought Who Cares?
    But I’ve garnered many Stares.
    I don’t Really have Quick Wit,
    have to Ponder things a Bit.

    Just been saying Sunshine Sins,
    Without Sunscreen No One Wins.
    Time has Passed - a Magic Wand,
    got some Answers to Respond.

    Wrestled with a Crocodile,
    Finally Won but Took a While.
    Got attacked by unknown Beast,
    Whooped on It to say the Least.

    Took a Dive that Just went Wrong,
    Bungee Cord a Foot too Long.
    Played the Outfield – What a Catch,
    Landed in the Bramble Patch.

    Thinking how to Turn my Face,
    into Profit with some Grace.
    You can Color me with Cheer,
    I now Have a New Career.

    Play the Hit Man in a Flick,
    Haunted Houses in a Lick.
    Kids can Chart the Flowing Nile,
    right Down to My Crooked Smile.

    Be a Glow Stick in a Pinch,
    Neon Paint on every Inch.
    Sit and Move from Fast to Slow,
    Shock them All like a Scarecrow.

    I’m now Set to Move on Out,
    If need Me just Give a Shout.
    whether be it Now or Later,
    I am “Grandpa Frakenator.”

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    Oh man - priceless! Good luck on your new career(s)! (And you thought you were going to retire????)


    • #3
      Can't retire now with all of these new possibilities on the horizon.


      • #4
        Oh yes! This is BRILLIANT! The wry wit, the unerring rhyme, the narrative flow, the memorable turns of phrase ... kids can chart the flowing Nile ... beyond the top drawer, for sure. Bob, this is awesome.


        • #5
          Thank you - your kind words mean a lot!


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            Bob - This was a riot and I loved its humor. Thanks loads for sharing. Now I feel a big chuckle about to erupt again and it's gonna be huge. Better stand back Bob. LOL. Namyh


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              Thank you. Words like yours make it all worthwhile.