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Flavours of life

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  • Flavours of life

    Flavours of life

    Life is a collection of vines
    In a vineyard full of flavours.
    Relishing on bittersweet taste, like in a glass of wine;
    They make us embark on winery tours

    Like dissipated taste in an ethereal candy floss;
    I always feel at loss.
    Like vanilla ice cream melting to the touch of the tongue
    Making us feel young.

    Don't bring us your infamy taste.
    Where you qualities will be prone to waste.
    Let me take a sip of your flavours.
    From a winery full of savours.

    Down on my knees
    By the Jasmine tree
    The aroma is tantalizing
    and the flavours are calling

    These flavours are not for sell
    and they are limitless.
    But like an unsavory durian with ghastly smell
    These flavours maybe tasteless.

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