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    Dec 2017: If you have a Huawei router/gateway, then test port 37215. In Nov. 2015 there was an issue with it. Also, in March 2017, an article at RedPiranha said "This port has been detected to be the most vulnerable aspect of the Huawei router as it does not validate any of the data packets sent to it whatsoever." Then, in Dec 2017, 360 netlab warned about the Satori botnet, spreading on port 37215 and 52869. Fortinet also wrote about this. To test port 52869, click here. Sept 2017: If AT&T is your ISP then test if port 49152 is open as per Bugs in Arris Modems 19216811 Distributed by AT&T Vulnerable to Trivial Attacks by security firm Nomotion. Also, check if SSH port 22 is open. July 2017: If AT&T is your ISP then test if port 61001 is open. According to Nomotion, in Exploring the AT&T U-verse 5268AC DSL Modem, the port is only open from outside of the AT&T U-verse network. March 2017: If you own a video camera, then you may want to read about flaws in thousands of models. In terms of routers, one of the flaws lets anyone watch the camera. Anyone who connects to TCP port 10554 that is. Test port 10554.


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      What this post is all about? I haven't understood anything. I have download video from twvideodownloader about Huawei Router you should also download it.