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  • I've got the "Big C"

    I’ve got the “Big C” – don’t mean Crazy,***
    Exact terms are Kind of Hazy.
    On my Face and On my Chest,
    This is Where I’ll wear Scars Best.

    Just Relax – We’ll Carve on You,
    This is All we Ever Do.
    Like the Deli at Safeway,
    They cut Meat up Everyday.

    As I took this Derma-Stroll,
    Why not Get a Tuck and Roll?
    Was no Time but Just as Well,
    Medicare won’t Foot the Bill.

    Gave me Local but not Wine,
    Sort of Look like Frankenstein.
    Sunshine Sins from Long Ago,
    Cancer Cells were Growing Slow.

    Guess it Could have Been much Worse,
    Caught before I’m in a Hearse.
    Told me That more Will Appear,
    So just Wait and Have a Beer.

    Bronze Fanatic in the Sun,
    Those Sin Rays I got a Ton.
    If knew Then what I know Now,
    Still would Done the Same Somehow.

    *** In the spirit of full disclosure – the idea for this first line came from a Mark Chesnutt song, “Goin’ Through the Big D.” What can I say – I like Country Music and this song came into my head during my procedures and thus out sprouted this Rhyme.

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    That is a form of the Big C that is very common in my part of the world, Bob, where the sun burns with particular ferocity.

    My favourite bit is the last stanza: The bronze fanatic in the sun.

    Take care; enjoy the beer.


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      Well, I was for sure. Back then - I don't think the sunscreen was all that good even though I never used it. Baby oil was a big thing - all greased up and ready for the next adventure. Now, my Sunshine Sins have given me character in my old age - one stretching from under my eye, down my face, and into my lip. Took three tries to get it all out - stubborn bugger! Guess I am now a Poster Child ( so to speak) for the use of sun blocker.


      • grant hayes
        grant hayes commented
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        I remember all those cooking oils. Got burned pretty badly in my younger years, like most folk of my generation. These days, there is much more sun-awareness. I had some facial nasties removed a few years ago (it's almost a rite of passage here), but nothing so substantial as yours. That is a stubborn bugger indeed! Good riddance to it, eh.

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      To be able to find humor in a difficult situation is surely a gift you either were born with or developed along the way Bob. I like the realism as well as the rhyme of your work and offer prayers that forward steps aren't too painful.


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        Some types of melanoma are more immediately lethal than others.
        Australia used to sloganise precaution as
        "Slip Slop Slap"
        that is:- "slip on a shirt, slop on sunscreen and slap on a hat."
        and even then, as Grant says, there's still a high incidence


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          Thank you. I saw our granddaughter the first time this morning since the procedures. I told her that I was now her "FrankenPa." She said, "Grandpa, you look the same to me." Wonderful!!!!!


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            Well, this is me on the 3rd day after the procedures - although, I think that I really look like FrankenPa.
            Granpa 2nd day without bandage.jpg
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            • grant hayes
              grant hayes commented
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              You should make up a stirring tale of how you got your battle scar, Bob. "When I was a mercenary in Angola, I got into a spot of bother with a sword-wielding chieftain .."'

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            I guess three days is only enough
            to let the post-op swelling show and it
            still hasn't put your sense of humour out of shape.


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              You rhyme the same! 😁 clever and funny


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                Thanks - my sense of humor isn't in that area anyway.


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                  Thanks - I think that I will wait until I heal up a little bit so the entity does not look like it won.