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When Fogs Collide

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  • When Fogs Collide

    When Fogs Collide

    In a forest bent by breeze,
    blowing branches over leaves
    came a thump, thump, thump in the midnight.
    All gone was the starlight,
    even absent was the moonlight
    when a white fog glowed silent,
    slipping thru the trees.

    I stopped and froze from smiling
    ‘cause my fear did find beguiling
    how this eerie froth of floating grace,
    ejecta from some spectral place,
    could turn and twist in one ‘bout face
    and send my fears colliding.

    It pulsed a light and started thumping,
    made me feel like jumping, jumping
    off to where I could have been
    so I could leap right from my skin
    and sprout some wings to ride the wind
    and feel my fears subsiding.

    Closer came it creeping, creeping
    but to me it seemed as leaping
    like it had some ultra aim
    than scaring me out wits and brains,
    which now in shock I must proclaim
    it passed me thumping, thumping.

    I turned to catch one moment’s bliss.
    A second fog did merge. They kissed.
    Tears I cried yet not for me
    but for two fogs heard jubilantly
    who found in a universe of sky and mist
    each other on a forest plain like this

    and I felt prized over all above
    to have witnessed the thumpings of fogs in Love
    and realized that Love is the searching pulse
    of a heart that’s thumping for someone else
    and “just” when you think life is over or blue,
    you’ll turn and a thumping will be looking at you!

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    I love this. The concept is great and so is the execution


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      Parkinsonspoet - Makes this scribbler mighty proud that you enjoyed the concept, the execution and loved it too. Namyh


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        Thumping fog...I like the idea of the poem and its progression quite fine, but fog rolls in my mind. Thumping sets a rhythm, but is it too strong a motion for fog? Or have I just not been in the right kind of fog yet? Also, if I've not said it yet, welcome to the zone Namyh.


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          Rhyme Loving Writer - When you hear the thumping of a heart from a fog for another fog, you just know Love is in the air. You can't helep but write about it. So glad you collided over this way for a thump. Thanks a lot RLW. Namyh
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