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Summer Rain

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  • Summer Rain

    Drained by the heat of summers tyrant

    Beset by the oppression of the storms

    Pitter patter then a dark tattoo

    Submerges seasons colour in the grey

    Clouds fester in a throng of release
    Downpours urgent business descends
    Wind cavorts to its random chaos
    Swirls and howls as it's force drives rain

    Washed by weathers craven persistence

    I drip through the day a sponge for rain

    Puddle maker when I stop to pause

    Pondering the thunder that rolls on

    Suns rays find gaps in cloud barricade

    Mingle with final droplets in hope

    As alchemy overarches the sky

    Palette of colour, a miracle

    Summer rain, Summer storm, summer sun

    Rainbows beguile endless beauty

    Calms the soul as clouds drift and depart

    Suns warmth once again smiles with pleasure

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    I like the path you took me as I read your words Jon. Truly enjoyed it.


    • Parkinsonspoet
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      thank you Alexandra the formatting caused me hassle but the words came easy on this one. I am glad you enjoyed it

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    Pitter patter then a dark tattoo

    Ooo, zesta! My favourite line.


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      "...the day a sponge for rain" of many great lines. I like how the piece moved me all through the action,


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        This was filled with mesmerizing imagery from start to finish. Well done.