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  • Solace

    When alone I feel the most at peace
    My mind goes blank, an empty canvas
    My feelings rage and then all release
    My feelings are paint, art from a campus

    I'm growing further from my inner evil
    I seek the truth for all that may be
    I'm a warrior ruled by all that's civil
    All these words truly come from me

    I'm a blind man who learned to see
    I have found the truth in my heart
    I feel like a deaf man who can hear anything
    I'm working hard, I'm a dead on dart

    My mind is this paper, words in progress
    These words flow from me like a river
    Energy gaining, my head is thoughtless
    These belong to no other, not even a sliver

    I'm a being of stone, a mere golem
    A mind being used and even polished
    These words of mine are far from golden
    A tool of my soul to reach true solace

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    in my life it was hard for me to teach myself ..truth kindness came hard I like this personal write. Vincent


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      MichaelSummitt - The human species, it must evolve to grow. Thanks for reminding us Michael. Namyh