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  • Still Beat

    Arrive the sappy stone
    A summer shine and lazy glow
    Cover my head in winter hope
    Fragile teeth still cut to the bone

    Are you waiting on the other side
    Cannot reach you for the depth of tide
    Shallow sighted but at least we tried
    Never was one for making time

    Won't you let this die
    Yes, please kill the light
    Bridge ain't burning
    I just built a sign

    Read it silent, don't you cry
    I asked you once, a million times
    But there was no hope for a holy ghost
    Now I know why that bridge was closed

    Depart your paper throne
    A winter wail and hapless home
    Lovers need know no riposte
    Aching hearts still beat, I know

    And that bridge stays closed
    And that bridge stays closed

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    Good to see you posting again Bison . This rings a melancholy tune, but I like it just the same.


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      Good to read your poems again Bison.


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        Seems sing-songey, as I noticed the rhythm in places. Third stanza seems like a refrain... or am I just making stuff up? Enjoyed the read--