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    The pages of our lives are penned
    With scribbled, red-inked edit marks
    On sections that we would amend,
    With jotted notes,
    Favorite quotes,
    Perhaps imagined story arcs,
    And circled parts remembered when

    In calm reflection we retrace
    The past that led us to this point.
    So write notes in the margin space
    With hope enshrine
    This lasting sign
    In hallowed, sanguine ink annoint
    Each page that led us to this place.

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    A-B-A-C-C-B-A handled with great skill, Biocide, and the finished piece is well observed and charming. A demanding structure seems to be the particular key that unlocks your creativity. Does the rhyme scheme you've used here have a particular name, or did you design it yourself?


    • BiocideJ
      BiocideJ commented
      Editing a comment
      I do find great interest in challenging structures to be sure. I believe ABCCBA is a common variation, but as far as I know this one is unique. It was crafted in response to a writing prompt from another site.

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    Words entwined
    to play a blinder
    Another piece
    engenders wonder