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Dallas, Summer 2016 (Reposted)

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  • Dallas, Summer 2016 (Reposted)

    In Memory of Brent Thompson,
    Patrick Zamarripa, Michael Krol,
    Michael Smith, & Lorne Ahrens

    I used to live there
    It was peaceful but very
    Hot in summertime

    Thunderstorms late
    Afternoon golf ball-sized hail
    Made you run and hide

    Now more violent
    Weather with automatic
    Gun fire in downtown

    Flashing lights police
    Cars with officers crouching
    Behind vehicles

    Will the citizens
    Of our country find a way
    To live together

    It is getting late
    There is a great need for peace
    The door is open

    All our lives matter
    Despite the colour of skin
    We all bleed out red

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    Good to remember...even if hard.


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      RLW, Thank You. We should keep these events and those lost in memory. The past is always with us.


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        Nice characteristic use of enjambment and lack o punctuation. Cultural matters...

        I couldn't help but notice the symbolism of the "open door" used twice towards the end. I thought that was effective.

        We need these memories, these "memory-keepers", for so many reasons.

        Thanks for sharing what I could understand as a call to unity, a forgetting of differences.

        Seems like we NEED these things to give us some impetus to move, to decide things are wrong. Which is sad. Thanks again!


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          No first or last
          five names recalled
          from a roll
          stretching endless.