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Monday, The Week Starts Here

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  • Monday, The Week Starts Here

    Monday, The Week Starts Here

    Sitting on the bed edge

    gravity settles like the tomb.

    A roll has got me thus far

    to stare sightless round the room

    as the muscles I used yesterday

    know their time has come

    and, creaking to a stand, protest

    they'd rather be left alone

    yet kitchen sat with coffee

    they're feeling right at home

    as the rain is pouring outside

    they are cosy here within

    and wet will keep cats at bay

    from digging the garden again.
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    I like everything about this. Wonderful!


    • Johntee
      Johntee commented
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      Thank RLW
      It follows on from Sunday's Jeremiad.
      The programme I was listening to before
      I rolled out of bed featured Pam Ayres
      of whom you might, or might not
      have heard, but it put me in this
      sort of rhyme-scheme
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    A pretty universally relatable feeling on Mondays here... except I don't have a garden.


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      The mornings you own, are also mine:
      the cosy bones, after creaking whine;
      the first stop coffee, and calm regard
      of precipitation outside in the yard.


      • Johntee
        Johntee commented
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        This is your winter.
        Here you hear
        my summer
        of discontent