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  • For Doneau

    Shepherd well the taint you got
    in the long suburb, squire, says
    the serpent-wishful touchstone,
    brother breeze,
    free up your cynic
    pluck, untouchable, flying, plunge
    the market brahmins, bud,
    in morsels down their debt holes;
    devil-measure out your deficits
    in thimbles, and survive, no less
    resolved or clueless, for christsake,
    than the last of a stand:
    the decorated, bemused by all
    the blood and bullet-luck.
    That open bench, that bundle
    of coat - your pillow among the blind,
    lovely mansions, lucre-haunted -
    cut you a toehold on the sheer
    height of plenty; man, you’re vested
    mountain-mad, you pocket
    Zarathustra for these times of blocks.
    Mars glares close and east,
    the sun still kicking today's bucket;
    Mars more wild and redder
    than sucking shame. Redden
    your teeth with wine, oh my,
    my meticulous vagrant, sleep off
    the city's eye in plain, unspeakable
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    This flowed well, and I was happy to get thru it and I noticed it seemed less opaque but still allusive. I connected more with tis, I guess, is the subtext to that. Lots of referential word play... Seeing Zarathustra and Mars was interesting. I've been into astrology/mythology, I'd just say this was a bit Jupiterian. But perhaps not I'm still getting the hang of them. Thinking on it.

    It was a breeze thru it all. Lots to think about here! I lie the wine bit added in. Thanks for sharing.
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    • amenOra
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      PS Love the title.

    • grant hayes
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      Thanks for engaging, amenOra. It's something of a rant, to be sure; a fervent burst of exhortation - solidarity in defiance - to one in a situation I know well.
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    This sounds a powerful beat - from within seemed darkness a voice is booming.


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      Interesting that such sounds and tone came through to you, Rhymist. I can see what you mean.

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    This poem to me speaks of frustration and the futility of materialism, power. I enjoyed it.


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      It does speak of that, yes, Alexandra; glad it reached you.

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    To call by name the fallen,
    disdained by those who govern, showing
    no fellow feeling but wariness of taint,
    reveals you're on the down-lo
    when it comes to those
    that you know life
    has given low
    blows, left
    a cent
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    • grant hayes
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      My dear Johntee,
      in Doneau, I've addressed at least three,
      one of whom is ... me.