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  • How I really Feel-

    This is what you've asked me,
    How do I really feel?
    I'm really reeling in these silhouette smokes,
    These long plastered dark bars
    With nothing but sentences grim, words dim
    Fall, the words stop working,
    They're bargaining, they jump like fish,
    You know where they're going.
    They're going with us!

    O dramatist without measure,
    From volumes of forlornness to this.
    Now you peg in the play
    Awaiting the face. Clear as day,
    Straight as an arrow. Much more,
    Shockwaves running up and down.

    That is how I feel and wanted to feel.
    With nothing to happen, now,
    Except some light to pour
    Through my glasses, tonight.
    Yes, I wish for a new habit
    To dream each second anew.

    To make an experience of you.

    That's how
    I really feel!
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    Love it. You've managed to capture (set free?) a feeling state I can relate to. silhouette smokes, long plastered dark bars - again, you create a noir of the spirit.


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      Lovely, lovely, thanks. Weirdly I'm just becoming acquainted with the word Noir. Glad to relate, glad to share! Peace, Grant!


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        "How do I really feel?"
        The question, thus asked,
        requires a chromed response.
        Buzzing with drop-dead flies
        lured by promises of Kelvin's day
        capped teeth take on an ultra-shade
        to shape "Great," ease the lies
        that slide between, grease
        the social scene, rebuff
        the clustering grime.
        The bargain signed
        and sealed


        • amenOra
          amenOra commented
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          Very well said, Friend! Love the shape of this, too, for sure! You make a lot of sense! And I thought that fourth line was brilliant/funny. Take care.

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        I like how you expressed how ‘I feel’.


        • amenOra
          amenOra commented
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          Hey there ... You feel it too? Hope you're well. that's a beautiful thing. Peace! Thanks for sharing!