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Wyoming Winds

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  • Wyoming Winds

    Wyoming Blades.jpg
    Wyoming Winds can Blow the Blades,
    Might call them Wyoming Trades.
    Cooling down the Summer Heat,
    Colder yet at Winter’s Feet.

    Clear and Fresh this Crispy Air,
    no Where on Earth it can Compare.
    Raw and True – Unchanged by Man,
    High Country like it Began.

    Life will Come and Life will Go,
    Remaining Up until Below.
    When no Longer breathing Air,
    Wyoming Winds will Still be There.

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    Power for free
    where nobody's at.
    In the Urbs and the Burbs
    it's dearer than that.
    For A to B the grid
    makes a charge,
    distance that makes
    the bills seem so large


    • RhymeLovingWriter
      RhymeLovingWriter commented
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      Not exactly nobody...just those who prefer wide open spaces. I'm not in Wyoming, but there are a fair number of these dotting the landscape in my neighborhood too. My husband tells me he's seen research that the energy used in the process of creating just one blade of these wind turbines can never be recouped over the lifespan of the blade. Nice concept...perhaps not thoroughly thought through?

      Local eating, like local energy, is the best option if it can be worked out that way.

      The wind blows where it will - nicely captured in this piece Bob. I often wonder what the first people on the continent, and those who came after but before so much of the land was settled, thought when they saw those wide open spaces and felt those whipping winds.

    • Johntee
      Johntee commented
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      RLW The first sod-busters were probably glad to live in a hole in the ground like prairie dogs

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    Thank you.


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      I took that photo between Laramie and Cheyenne - we came back for a visit this week. I just had to write a rhyme once I took the shot. Thank you for your thoughtful reply.


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        Very concisely, you give a vivid sense of this wind, and wrap it all up with a reflection on mortality. Top drawer.


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          Thank you. Your words mean a lot!


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            feels nice, reading this, i can imagine, with help from the picture kudos!


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              Thank you very much!


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                I see today that California is going to buy
                its wind from New Mexico C/O the grid.
                I seem to remember adverse contracts
                for gas pipelined to California was part
                of what took Enron down.
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                  Not much that is not for sale it seems?