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  • The Woodpecker

    This one's an old one too! It appears I am emptying out my vault! Lol! I was going to publish this in an anthology of 100 poems that I wrote myself!!


    I cannot see you
    But I can hear
    Your rapid pecking
    Loud and clear.

    I sure hope
    you're somewhere near
    I'll never find you
    is what I fear.

    Now, I can't get you
    out my mind
    Until at last
    your face I find.

    Oh where? Oh where?
    Oh where ----- can you be?
    Are you somewhere hiding
    in a nearby tree?

    Or perhaps, you're somewhere
    far from me?
    Like in a Weeping
    Willow tree
    that grows on a hill
    beside the sea
    where seagulls fly
    in groups of three

    Or perhaps, maybe
    you can be found
    Someplace low
    like near the ground?

    I search for you
    as I look around
    while you make your lovely
    pecking sound

    Then finally in a tree
    that was nearly dead
    I spot something moving
    like a tiny head

    I jump with joy,
    for at last, I've found
    the source of the rapid
    pecking sound.

    I stay there and watch
    'til you've flown far away.
    And when I go home
    at the end of the day,
    I can hold my head up
    and proudly say,
    that I spotted a woodpecker
    in a tree today.

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    You’d think they’d have a headache?

    (the woodpecker makes his rounds

    Opening up old wounds

    Releasing sap, he’ll be back

    After tapping out his tune

    To feast on bugs

    From a baited trap

    His beak his silver spoon

    A home that is a hollow limb

    His beak a tool, a key

    A carpenter, a locksmith

    High up in a tree

    Tapping out a rhythmic beat

    Come my mate and see

    Guess that’s when his headache starts

    With extra mouths to feed)

    You can never have to many woodpecker poems, I enjoyed yours.


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      Thanks divot! Your comment and response poem are greatly appreciated!

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    I loved this one. Whether imaginary, as others have been, or not, I've had the pleasure of seeking/finding/observing a woodpecker and this describes the experience very well.

    I'm with you divot , how can a brain withstand all that banging (long before progeny arrive)?


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      Thank You RhymeLovingWriter!

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    Nicely done.


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      Thank you, AlexandratheLate!