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  • Never Look

    we all act
    from the same place
    the same source

    there is no difference
    other than
    the way we process
    how a thing happens:

    I act and then
    it is a thing of the past
    and sometimes
    I forget and repeat,
    and another
    gamut of movement
    goes into realizing

    what finally comes
    out of me,

    will never look
    never look the same
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    Very, very interesting! Seems like a very introspective poem! Well done amenOra!!!!!!!!


    • amenOra
      amenOra commented
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      Thanks for stopping by, Rhymeboy. I was looking at myself trying to draw myself, and this came out. For me the meaning is rich, but that could be delusion, right? I wasn't sure how true this would be for others.

      Definitely not centered on imagery, or feeling. Thank you!

    • Rhymeboy
      Rhymeboy commented
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      I don't see any evidence of delusion here! A very rich poem full of meaning and self analysis! Again . . .Well done! You should write from that place more often! You struck gold there!

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    There's a certain memory to it, for sure, or lack thereof ... inspiration. One finds a voice in spontaneity.

    thanks, again!


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      amenOra, you have often used very complex imagery and ornate diction to realise your poetic goals. Your versatility comes through here; the transparency and simplicity are eloquent. You capture a mode of being to which many will readily relate.


      • amenOra
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        Thanks for noticing, Grant. Heart

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      I agree with Grant about the relate-ability of this piece. The old folks used to say this about lessons "Don't worry. If you don't learn it the first time, it'll come around again for another try." I'm finding that to be true in life in varied ways. Also, I kind of like the idea that there will always be differences and change (even though by nature I like to have things settled). It's part of what makes life interesting.


      • amenOra
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        Right we have to deal with sometimes overwhelmingly oppositions of force, in this being set up to 'be' in the world. Churning inside us.
        That adage of the old folks, definitely seem to mirror where I am at lately. I find I am resolute in knowing that I can be a good force, and I have good 'things' in mind (didn't use 'intentions' because someone said the road to hell is Paved with them.) So we can learn patience, and stuff, and Introspect, like what I feel this poem was the 'processing of'.
        Routine can kill us, we're spiritual beings, with a heart beyond the physical, and we can all live up to our best individual natures.
        Take care.

        But the poem was sorta cryptic, I wanted to frame the process of thought, under a structure of truth. Like at the end of this poem I wonder if it's about procreating or like 'never step in the same river twice' or something about habits.

        A view on the process of writing, even, maybe!

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      This is imbued at once with freedom and resignation. The result is peaceful. I'm glad to read this and read it again.


      • amenOra
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        Thanks! I usually reread poetry, let it sink in, including my own. For me it helps seeing how the process of writing goes, freshly molded ideas, and then going thru the dramatic tones and seeing how they work on me!

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      The forgotten act,
      the locked lock retried
      to establish the fact.
      A senior moment that
      mind tactfully


      • amenOra
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        Sometimes we have to...