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  • Chemotherapy 101

    A non-rhyming poem for a change. It too, tells a story. I hope you like it. It's about 4 yrs old now.


    It is a very hard course to take
    especially at this point in your life.
    You are much older now.
    You are sick.
    You are tired.
    You are weak.
    You are scared.
    And to be honest, Chemotherapy 101
    is a very difficult course to pass . . .
    and many students fail.
    But, you decided to take the course anyway
    Even though I told you,
    the chemotherapy may not cure your cancer.
    It is a last ditch effort
    to save your life.
    Yes, it is a very difficult course to take,
    but you will not take the course alone.
    Your son is here.
    Your daughter is here.
    And strangely enough,
    your loving wife is here too.
    Although, she is not here in person
    she is here in spirit.
    Or, perhaps, I should say,
    her spirit is here
    I can actually see her
    holding your hand
    as the chemotherapy
    slowly enters your body
    through your veins.
    Her gentle grip tightening,
    as you begin vommiting uncontrollably.
    Yes, I can see her holding your hand
    the same way she did
    on your wedding day
    and during all those long walks in the park.
    It was the same way
    she held your hand
    on the day she died.
    She held it like she simply
    did not want to let go . . .
    like she would not let go . . .
    like she could not let go.
    She had taken Chemotherapy 101
    twenty years before
    and had failed.
    Although, she tried her best
    she failed.
    Her report card
    was a toetag
    and her final transcript
    was her Death Certificate.
    You lost her to Death
    and she lost you to Life.
    But she was the one
    that had to go away . . .
    far, far away.
    But for some reason,
    Death has allowed her to come back to you.
    She is here now.
    I see her . . .
    holding your hand.

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    Nice work with the non-rhyming verse, Rhymeboy, and the storytelling is affecting too. Good idea with the chemotherapy as course metaphor.


    • Rhymeboy
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      Thank You Professor Hayes

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    Very touching.


    • Rhymeboy
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      Thank You ATL

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    Just yes - because this is how it is. Thank you Rhymeboy. I'm sorry for your loss.


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      I didn't lose anyone! Lol! I write on a variety of subject matter most of which does not pertain to me. I am just a a storyteller and this is just one of my many stories! Lol! The story is told by a Doctor who is treating an elderly male cancer patient and his family is there with him through it all

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    As an act of imagination
    this is impressive


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      Thank You Johntee!