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I Am The Brother You Do Not See

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  • I Am The Brother You Do Not See


    I am the brother
    you do not see
    And it's not because I'm invisible
    when you look at me

    It's because, I am the brother
    Mother doesn't want you to see
    Because none of her other children
    are dark like me

    I was born with black skin
    so I'm dark like the Night
    And because of my Color
    Mother keeps me from sight

    She tried to make my dark color
    a source of great shame
    She said I was ugly
    and made 'Nigger' my name

    I do all of the work
    so Mother can live like a queen
    But I must hold my head down
    so my face is not seen

    Mother used to keep me in chains
    And I was kept out in the yard
    She sent my white brothers to beat me
    And they made me work hard

    I plowed and planted
    every field
    I worked her land
    and made it yield

    My Mother grew rich
    because I worked the land
    I grew Cotton, Tobacco,
    and Food on demand

    Some people saw me one day
    chained out in the yard
    Battered and beaten
    and horribly scarred

    They asked me why
    I was chained to a tree
    They said, "This is not right!
    All men should be free!"

    I told them my story
    And they said this to me:
    "We'll just talk to your mother
    And she'll set you free."

    Well, they talked to my mother
    but it didn't go very well
    Mother told the nice people
    to just got to hell

    My mother told the nice people
    to get out of her sight
    Then they started to argue
    then they started to fight

    Their fight turned into
    a great big war
    The War killed hundreds of thousands
    perhaps even more

    Well, Mother lost the War
    And after enduring great pains
    Mother was forced
    to finally take off my chains

    Mother made new harsh rules
    to punish me
    And although the chains are gone
    I'm not really free

    I can't leave my mother
    because I love her so
    And besides I have nowhere
    else to go

    But my Dear Mother
    is still mean to me
    although she loves ---- talk of Freedom
    and Equality

    Mother makes me enter her house
    through a door in the back
    And makes me sleep in the backyard
    in a brokedown shack

    My white brothers and sisters
    each have their own room
    And the only time I can enter one
    is when I have a mop or a broom

    Mother has a large White House
    One so grand and fine
    She has extravagant parties
    where there is much food and wine

    In Mother's kitchen ----- you'll find cakes
    and an assortment of sweets
    And when she sits down to dine
    she is served the finest of meats

    But I am givem nothing to eat
    but the entrails of hogs
    And if I complain
    Mother sends out her dogs

    They scratch and they bite me
    And they tear at my flesh
    Mother says, "This is what happens
    when black children talk fresh."

    She sends my white brothers ---- to beat me
    And they bloody my nose
    And when I plead with my brothers
    they simply turn on the hose!

    The water is so forceful
    that it knocked me down
    And there was so much water
    that I thought I would drown

    I remind, my Dear Mother
    that I too, am her son
    And that ----- this is not the way
    to treat a loved one

    But my mother remains
    ever cruel and cold
    This July Fourth is her birthday
    She turns two hundred years old

    I still love my mother
    And I know it seems strange
    But somehow I keep hoping
    that Mother will change

    Yes, I am the brother
    they keep out in the back
    And there I grow strong
    Strong, Beautiful and Black

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    This was my take on Langston Hughes' "I Too" ("I Am The Darker Brother") Hope you all like it! It's four years old now
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      How this hasn't gotten likes or comments yet astounds me. This is simply brilliant.


      • Rhymeboy
        Rhymeboy commented
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        Thank you @BiocideJ!!!!!! I really appreciate your very kind comments

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      Nicely done, a few typoes along the way, "topical" errors -- the writing overall was great, I enjoyed the spirited narrative as usual, interested as I made my way thru reading. Thanks for sharing!


      • Rhymeboy
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        Thank you amenOra! Your comments are always greatly appreciated,I'll have to go back and fix the typos later My eyes are getting bad Lol! . . . even when I proofread I still miss them! Lol!

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      Your storytelling style is at its best here, Rhymeboy. I like how you make 'Mother' the catch-all for a whole complex of entities: nation, history, culture, law ... That the gender of your symbol is female adds to its power, I think. On its own 'Mother' tends to imply nurture and tenderness, yet the mother here is quite the opposite, which enhances the overall sense of betrayal and neglect.


      • Rhymeboy
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        Hey grant hayes long time no see! I almost didn't recognize you with this new profile picture! Great photo BTW. Thanks for your wonderful comments and your analysis of it is spot on

      • grant hayes
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        You're welcome, Rhymeboy. Hail and well met.