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An Undoing.

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  • An Undoing.

    A parade illusions itself across my very eyes: beyond the moving feet in tandem, beyond the single turned into the multiple. Something ceases to happen. No movement rocks the reflections; on leaves the pool of moisture completely stills. Somehow, the world is filled with this 'something'; and it's a knowing but a knowing like in dreams (not subject to your control) and you can lose it, and you'll always gain more; but the loss itself hurts forever. You are left dreaming of it while standing straight up, and it was a loss, an emptiness, a pouring. Almost like sand in an hourglass. You realize from the bottom of a creek, and the bed, tall beneath the endless sky, tangling in matter which is what holds things together. You realize nothing. Without identifying, cease... you become dissolved within everything else, the world of spirit into which you're released.
    So why are we afraid.
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