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  • revealed-

    Let me inch closer toward my soul: my goal: every day.
    Let me remember others' doubts about me
    amount to as much as my own doubts, less even.
    I know that the ray of light is impelled from within,
    That the claws of the fighting, flying dragon
    And the teeth and the eyes which pierce--glow darkly--
    And the spell won't separate hell from heaven,
    And neither would we be so cleanly cut, but swords
    Are tempered from the very ore which spills
    Like that which is in our veins, and still running
    In the heavy channels of my dreams, the weight melts.
    And I am so very far away, and without worry,
    And the day is host to the single pleasure
    That life is to give: Then the wings outspreading
    Cast shadows, and in the weaving movement,
    A play of shadow drama involves the world.

    The skies are ripped up like a canvas upon which
    The guts of the light are there to press a kiss,
    And the silent scenery grows altogether lighter,
    By the brush that burns and melts the surfaces.
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    Rich imagery here. I was particularly taken by the first three lines and the last two lines. They eased me into and out of the bold, intense action between.


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      Ah, there are none who can dramatise soul and perception like you, amenOra. I was borne along from aspiration, to resolution and synthesis, then the shadow and σχιζομένους .


      • amenOra
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        Hey there Grant - nice to see you commenting, and thanks for the gracious reply. Hope you're faring well, this time around the sun

      • grant hayes
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        Thank you, poet.